Bare Bones Chocolate x Maldon Salt

From the Osborne Family who have been harvesting the famous Maldon Sea Salt for four generations, to our chocolate factory on Osborne Street (what a happy coincidence!). We are so excited to be collaborating and celebrating Maldon's 140th birthday this Summer!

Maldon Salt have been hand-harvesting its famous pyramid-shaped flakes for 140 years using the same time-honoured techniques for four generations with the Osborne family. During that time Maldon Salt flakes have remained constant and has become a globally recognised brand, loved by chefs the world over!

Before we launched our 68% Dominican chocolate, we did many trials and taste-tests without salt. It was our third bar launch and we knew if we were to introduce something new, it had to be an outstanding addition.

The chocolate was good by itself, but not quite a show-stopper. We decided to add a pinch of salt (and of course, it had to be Maldon!) and the change in flavour was like magic! The salt brought out the natural sweetness of the cacao and created the most complex flavour profile of salted caramel and hazelnut. It's been our best selling bar ever since! 

We are so proud to be working with Maldon Salt. Seeing the iconic Maldon print on our packaging and our feature in the Salt Stories video series has been such a surreal and special moment for us. 

Here's to 140 years of great seasoning! 🧂