65% Guatemala Dark Chocolate


Region: Rio Dulce ('The Sweet River') 
Source: XOCO Cooperative
Conditions: 600m above sea level
Fermentation: Fermented in wooden boxes 

Our Guatemalan cacao is grown in the northern region of Guatemala between Honduras and Belize. Grown along the Rio Dulce “The Sweet River”, the cacao thrives in this rainy region without the need for irrigation systems.

Since 2007, XOCO has worked with farmers who have given 20% – 30% of their land to young cacao trees.  They provide technical assistance to the farmers for the lifetime of the trees and guarantee a fair price for their beans once they have been harvested.

The beans are known for their sweet and floral characteristics, which is highlighted beautifully in our Guatemala 65% Dark.

A little bit about us:

We are Cameron and Lara, the makers behind Bare Bones Chocolate. We have been obsessed with specialty coffee and food for the last 10 years, and that passion quickly translated into chocolate about 3 years ago. We dreamed of having our own chocolate company and can't think of a better way to spend our days. 

With a passion for coffee and bicycles, Cam is a mechanical engineer and is behind the precision and focus that goes into being a chocolate maker. He is constantly tweaking and designing new machinery and makes sure the chocolate tastes better with every batch. 

Lara is a food photographer and chef. She is the person behind the handwritten notes in each order, curates the Bare Bones Instagram and wraps each bar in the beautiful brown paper.