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Bare Bones Chocolate is a small batch, bean-to-bar
chocolate company from Glasgow. We love chocolate – which is why we are so passionate about creating exquisite bars from the world's finest cacao. 


We source our beans from co-operative farms in Madagascar and Honduras. Our farmers take great pride in what they do: from the bean varietal they work with, growing, harvesting, fermentation to the drying of the beans.

Each process of creating the perfect bar is done by hand – with lots of time, attention to detail and care. Once the beans arrive, we sort the good beans from the bad (only the best beans make the cut!) and roast them. Roasting is a delicate and precise process which brings out the unique flavour profile in each bean – this can be anything from fruity berries, vanilla tones, deep velvety caramel or a sharp citrus tang. 


Once the beans are roasted, they are cracked and winnowed to release the nibs from the husks. We take the nibs and grind them to a paste, before adding them to a stone grinder called a melanger. The chocolate is ground for up to 72 hours where it becomes silky, liquid chocolate. 


Much like a fine wine or cheese, chocolate is aged to allow the flavours to develop. Patience is a virtue in this business. We temper – to stabilise the chocolate and give it that perfect snap – and mould it ready for wrapping and sending out to the world. 


We care about the planet we live on and try to do our bit as small business owners. Working with some amazing papermakers and printers, we've created mindful packaging from recycled sources (that can be recycled too!) that we hope Mother Nature would be proud of.  In the UK, we use 7 million paper cups per day – yet less than 1 in 400 of those cups are recycled. We've created our chocolate boxes using recycled cups so that they not only look good but do good too. Inside our boxes, you'll find a beautiful plant-based wrapper from Vegware